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Solar Powered Assemblies

Miri offers a wide range of solar powered monitoring and control options for applications where mains power is not available.


These can be delivered in kit form for ease of assembly on-site or delivered as fully assembled and tested units for immediate deployment. Our assemblies are designed for operation in harsh environmental conditions and in many cases can be cyclone rated.


A common application for solar powered telemetry is the monitoring of pipelines which are often in remote locations. Monitoring may be required either for process control or for environmental compliance.



Miri offers a number of proven options for flow monitoring applications which can provide power for single or multiple flowmeters, pressure sensors, temperature sensing devices as well as conductivity and other transducers.


Whilst we offer a number of variations on a standard range of equipment, we can also provide solutions that are customised to your specific requirements.

Our standard range of hardware may be supplied in pole mounting format or on a more substantial frame as is normally the case for larger solar powered installations.


Trailer mounted assemblies are also available for more mobile solutions.


Whatever your application, Miri Technologies would be pleased to provide a quotation for a reliable and cost effective solution.

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