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Well engineered infrastructure is essential for the reliable performance of any wireless network.

The selection of radios and installation of antennas are both of paramount importance. We offer site radio services and desktop analysis facilities which enable us to provide our customers with the most cost effective and reliable solution.




We offer our extensive experience and professional service through all phases of a project, from conception and design through to manufacture and commissioning. By employing our expertise during the design stages of your project you may be assured of a reliable soundly engineered solution.



In addition to offering individual products and accessories, we also offer manufacturing facilities which enable us to provide complete and tested assemblies ready to be deployed on site.

A number of standard solutions are available to complement our telemetry modules, but we can also produce custom products to suit your specific project requirements.


Miri Technologies provides a comprehensive range of professional services and radio based equipment solutions for remote infrastructure management.


We have been providing products and services for wireless monitoring and control solutions since 1984 and our ongoing engineering commitment to product development and the pursuit of excellence will ensure that our wireless SCADA solutions will continue to be used by Public Utilities, Mining and all aspects of Industry for many years to come.


We offer services for all aspects of radio based monitoring and control systems from initial Consultancy and System Design through to Manufacture and Commissioning.


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