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Northern Territory

BHP Billiton


BHP Billiton is the world's largest mining company. 

Since the 1980’s Miri has supplied many wireless monitoring and control solutions for BHP's operations across Australia.  The majority of these systems are deployed in the monitoring and control of process water infrastructure and in BHP's extensive de-watering operations. 

Miri has successfully commissioned many point to multi point systems as well as providing long haul, high speed data links.



Chevron are engaged in the extraction of oil and gas via their production facilities on Barrow Island, which is located off the NW coast of Western Australia.  A vital part of the extraction process is the monitoring of the flow of water back into the oil and gas fields.  In order to meet this requirement, Miri has commissioned approximately 300 wireless solar powered RTU's which report back to the central control system via a fully redundant radio base station.  This system provides essential flow rate and pressure information to production on a regular basis.  Because of the exposed location of Barrow Island, the solar powered installations have been designed to withstand cyclonic conditions.

Northern Territory

Power Water - Northern Territory


The Northern Territory Power and Water Corporation has been a corporate customer of Miri Technologies since we successfully commissioned our first system for PowerWater at Katherine in 1990.  Miri AD2000 series telemetry units have since been commissioned throughout the Northern Territory for the monitoring and control of water supplies and sewerage systems.  Many of these systems operate in particularly remote areas and in very harsh environmental conditions. Access to many of these locations can be impossible at certain times of the year and reliability is of paramount importance.


NTFAST - Northern Territory Government


The multi award winning NTFAST system provides fire protection and monitoring for all major centres in the Australian Northern Territory.  The NTFAST network comprises more than 1000 RTU's which are installed at key buildings around the various provincial centres.  The wireless RTU's report via radio repeaters to fully redundant HMI's at the local Fire Stations.  The status information at each centre in the Northern Territory is also transmitted via a wide area network to the Central Monitoring Station in Darwin.

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