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We are proud to be able to offer the extensive Microhard Systems range of data radios. These radios offer outstanding performance and extremely cost effective solutions.


Microhard Systems Inc. specialises in the design and manufacture of long range robust wireless data equipment. Their continuous innovation and unparralleled product performance has earned them a trusted name in the wireless industry. Microhard also offers a range of OEM level products as are widely used by Miri Technologies in our wireless Monitoring and Control solutions.

All of Microhard's OEM and packaged products are rigorously tested during the production process to ensure reliable performance over a wide temperature range.

VIP4G - 4G LTE Cellular Ethernet/Serial Gateway and WIFI


The VIP4G provides a rugged, industrial wireless solution using 4G LTE network infrastructure for critical data communications. The VIP4G provides simultaneous network connections for 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi devices, 4 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 4 x Digital I/O, and a RS232/RS485 port, resulting in a communication device that can be deployed in many applications.

VIP2400 - Rugged 2.4 GHz OFDM Broadband Ethernet / Serial Gateway


In response to industry demands for greater data throughput, the VIP2400 takes long range wireless network communications to an entirely new level. The VIP2400 provides dual Ethernet ports for WAN and LAN connectivity, as well as extensive serial communications that supports any RS232/RS485/RS422 device.

L400 - 410-480 MHz Licenced Narrowband Wireless Modem


Operating at a 19.2kbps wireless link rate and employing GMSK technology, the L400-ENC provides both a long range and robust communications link which can carry a variety of traffic. Give us a call or fill out our RFQ form below for more information.

IPn920 - Miniature OEM Wireless Ethernet/Serial/USB Gateway


The Nano IP Series adds Ethernet capability to the miniature, yet powerful Nano range of products. This incredibly small Ethernet Bridge and Serial Gateway provides robust wireless communication of simultaneous serial data and IP/Ethernet packets to extend serial data and IP networks.

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