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Miri Technologies and 4RF share a commitment to the provision of robust and totally reliable radio infrastructure.  We are therefore proud to be associated with 4RF in the provision and support of their state of the art data radio solutions.


4RF Australia provides licensed, sub 3 GHz radio communications equipment for critical infrastructure applications.  The Aprisa SR family of smart point-to-multipoint radios, available in VHF and UHF frequency bands, provides secure communications for telemetry and SCADA applications.  Both radios support serial and Ethernet traffic for a future-proof approach when migrating from serial to IP.  The Aprisa SR offers up to 19.2 kbit/s capacity and the Aprisa SR+ provides up to 120 kbit/s capacity for more data intensive applications.  Both products provide industry-leading security, reliability and incorporate unique traffic management techniques for maximum efficiency and performance in the real world.  The Aprisa XE point-to-point microwave link, available in ten frequency bands between 300 MHz and 2.7 GHz, provides long distance, carrier-class communications for challenging applications such as offshore linking or long distance pipeline monitoring.

Aprisa SR short form specification:



Frequency bands

Channel sizes 

Data rate 

Output power

Aprisa SR+ short form specification:



Frequency bands

Channel sizes 

Gross Data rate: QPSK 

Gross Data rate: 64 QAM 

Output power

Aprisa XE short form specification:



Frequency bands/capacity








Point-to-multipoint; repeater

136-174 MHz, 400-470 MHz

12.5 kHz, 25kHz

9.6 kbps in 12.5kHz, 19.2kbps in 25 kHz

0.01 - 5.0W

Point-to-multipoint; repeater

400-470 MHz

12.5 kHz, 25kHz (software selectable)

20 kbps in 12.5kHz, 40 kbps in 25 kHz

60 kbps in 12.5 kHz, 120 kbps in 25 kHz

0.01 - 10.0W

Long Haul Point-to-Point Links.

400 MHz:  400-471 MHz   56 kbit/s - 944 kbit/s

900 MHz:  928-960 MHz   136 kbit/s - 1112 kbit/s

2.0 GHz:    1900-2300 MHz   1592 kbit/s - 65.4 Mbit/s

QPSK, 16 QAM, 32 QAM, 64 QAM, 128 QAM

56 kbit/s minimum, 65.4 Mbit/s maximum

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